How to make wine at home

How to make wine at home


Hi, i am try to describe how to make wine at home. This is red wine. First You need to be careful grape selection. It  must be round, elliptical should not be, as in the picture.

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it is right choose grapes.


it is false choose. The grapes are  havent got enough sugar inside.And these grape havent got much grape juice inside it.

If the grape is very dirty, wash with a little less water. generally The grapes  little dirty so dont wash the grapes. and crush all of them by your hands. You put the crushed grapes on a bottle of plastic as in the picture. i will put it soon.

you crush the each grape like in the picture.


put all of them on a bottle and close it. wait for 4-5 days. but the same time 4 times a day you must open the bottle’s cap. the air must go out. dont do it much because we dont want to much air come in to the bottle.

You can use the IV tube for it. the bottle cap of the hose portion into the serum. Cut control to the near end of the hose and put it in a glass of water. see air bubbles.

after 4 days or 5 days, you must to arrive the grape juice from grapes. you can use a filter for it as in the picture.



shot glasses slowly.  drain the remaining pulp in hand to wring the filter.





You have to this grape juice as in the picture. you put it a plastik bottle and close the cap. you open the cap 3-4 times a day. you have to do this 10 day.


İf anything is going to bad , any air or bad smell, you must put in 1 teaspoon sugar in the bottle. after put in 1 teaspoon instant yeast. it is for 5-8 liters.

There is no air so no fermentation. yeast for fermentation starts.

after 5 days you can drink your wine. !!

Bon Appetit

if you dont understand anything, please ask me , send me a message,I would be pleased to answer your question.

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